black box par·a·dox

/ˈˌblak ˈbäks ˈperəˌdäks /  


A seemingly absurd or self-contradictory condition where data is everywhere, but digital noise and constant change prevent executives from understanding the big picture and making smart decisions.

// ex: “Jane, the CEO, has years of company and industry data but, caught in a Black Box Paradox, can’t make sense of it to identify actionable growth drivers.”

Open The

Black Box

NoiseGrasp helps clients open the black box by making SENSE OUT OF THE NOISE.

Using our predictive AI-based technology that’s over 90% accurate, we can reveal and predict how internal and external drivers impact sales. What’s more, we even make this happen under noisy, real world conditions of small data.

The result: Executives can take calculated risks on their ad spending strategy, and achieve SALES JUMPS OF 10% TO 20% AND MORE!

No Matter the Size and Characteristics of YOUR COMPANY

from exciting Growth Brands

Where a “Wild West” of opportunities exist and optimizing ad spend strategy can have huge positive impact. But executives are pressed to make rapid decisions in an overwhelming and dynamic environment with limited data, and find themselves asking:

  • How do I get started, grow, and/or explode?
  • Where do I best spend the next dollar?
  • Help me understand the ecosystem
  • Debunk the myths – both right and wrong – about ad spending

to Household Names

Where mature brands “Defend Territory” as they deal with a constant barrage of new channels. Budgets are constantly under pressure, therefore, managing risk is critical when adjusting ad spending strategy. Executives ask themselves:

  • What are my business risks, and how do they fluctuate?
  • Which are key internal and external business drivers, including blind spots?
  • How do I maintain or improve performance, while cutting budgets?
  • How do different scenarios impact the business?

AI-Based Offerings That Create Immediate Value

For any sized organization, we squeeze a lot more juice from your ad investments, and our tech is easy to get started with (no complex integrations or exhausting data collection).

  • Growth Marketing Intelligence

    Particularly valuable for growth hackers, trying to answer questions like, “Which ad channels will boost ROI, and what’s my optimal spend on each, especially when data is limited?"

  • Risk Management & Transparency

    Super valuable for brand defenders that are weary of blind spots, and want to know “What are my ad spending risks, across an entire spectrum of scenarios, especially when budgets are throttled up or down?”

Brands That Have Benefited From NoiseGrasp

What Sets Us APART

[aside from being faster & cheaper]

  • Algorithm

    Built over 4 years, in collaboration with world renowned mathematicians and engineers, our tech is more advanced than any other offerings

  • Noisy Data

    Ability to provide insights even when data is poor or limited -- the reality of most small & mid-sized companies

  • Growth Phase

    When experiencing hyper-growth, businesses live in a far from "linear" world. Our technologies are prepared for that world too

  • Risk

    Provide full transparency on risks associated with multiple spending decisions, so executives can take informed decisions

  • Iterate with
    Team & Machine

    Baked into our methodology is the power of combining AI technology with human insight, so that client teams continuously achieve greater wins

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